Al-Qaeda Alive and Thriving in Saudi Arabia

Despite the Saudi crackdowns on suspected militants, the latest attack by Al- Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) was an assassination attempt against the Assistant Interior Minister for Security Affairs.

Prince Mohammad bin Naif was only slightly injured by the suicide bomber however the security breach was HUGE. Arab News reports:

The king asked Prince Muhammad why was the terrorist allowed in without proper checks, to which the prince replied, “It was a mistake.”

Basically a known militant had indicated that he wanted to turn himself in and thus he was allowed to enter Prince Muhammad’s office without proper checking. AP reports the Prince said:

"I did not want him to be searched, but he surprised me by blowing himself up"

Saudi Arabia will no doubt tighten its security procedures; hopefully it will APPLY it’s procedures to all royal visitors, even if it seems disrespectful to distrust them. It would be good if civil liberties are not further violated in the expected crackdown.

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