Willing to be an Ansar?

We argue if they should be called migrants or refugees; should we let them into our countries or is it enough to give money to resettle them elsewhere. kurdioil.jpg

Perhaps it is time for Muslims to acknowledge that the thousands of Syrians who are fleeing for safer shores are muhajireen, driven from their homes, persecuted by their own.

Instead of fixating on the Sunnah of beard length, niqabs and joining the fighting perhaps it is time to reclaim the practice of the Ansar of Yathrib who were made brothers with the Muhajiroon by the Prophet (pbuh). The original Hijrah, which we remember every time we use a hijri date, marked a time when each resident household accepted a refugee family into their own. Madinat al Munawarra was a city of refugees and natives, living as one, bonded in brotherhood.

How many of us are willing to open our doors to invite in a Syrian family into our homes and to share everything we own with them? Are we willing to help them set up their lives in a new home, safe from war?

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