Saudi Hai’a Join Second-Life

Al Watan newspaper reported yesterday that the Saudi Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (CPVPV or Hai’a) now has a presence on Second Life on the Middle East island. It is an unexpected development for sure, but certainly wonderful to see their initiative. If you teleport to the Middle East […]

Should Liberty be the Price of Safety in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia takes national security very seriously. In 2003, after Al-Qaeda affiliates launched three successful attacks on expatriate compounds and several failed ones on Saudi government facilities, the country cracked down very hard on militants, suspected militants, political activists, dissidents, supporters and basically anyone it wanted to. The Human Rights Watch recently issued a report […]

Alcohol in Saudi Arabia- expats

When it comes to alcohol the worst offenders in the Kingdom are often from the expatriate community. 9 out of 10 news reports about raids on producers, suppliers and distributors includes at least one, if not more, expats within the illegal alcohol supply chain. There are the expats who run factories to produce the local […]

Alcohol in Saudi Arabia- locals

Alcohol is officially banned in Saudi Arabia- for both locals and expats (unlike other Muslim majority countries where alcohol is allowed for expats e.g. Pakistan or countries where alcohol is served in hotels openly available e.g. Egypt, Bahrain, Dubai etc).  The reality on the ground is different and depends on socio-economic status. The vast majority […]

First Riyadh Tweet-up a Success

The first Riyadh tweet-up held in May (a physical meeting up of Riyadh residents who use Twitter) was a success. Organized by @Saudi, some 20+ men and 2 women showed up at Second Cup on Tahlia; the men sat in the singles section and the women in the family section- perfectly segregated as per local […]

Riyadh Tweetup

The first Riyadh TweetUp is scheduled for this weekend, Thursday, May 07, 2009 from 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM. Click here for registration Event Details This is the first Riyadh Tweetup meant to gather people located in Riyadh who use twitter to socialize and meet face to face. We will gather in a coffee shop […]