An Inspired Story

Let me tell you a story and you tell me what comes to mind: A small armed rebel militia launches near-daily attacks against a State it considers to be a foreign invader. The State needs the natural resources from the land and uses technologically advanced predator drones to monitor the insurgents and protect its supply […]

US Postal System Crisis

Did you know that the US Postal Service (USPS) is the second largest civilian employer in the country, after Wal-mart? It has also been running in the red and after cutting 25,000 jobs earlier this year it is offering to pay some 30,000 additional workers to leave. Facing a $2.6 billion loss in the last […]

Finally, a Check on the CIA!

The controversial CIA program for assassinating al-Qaeda leaders using Blackwater as a contractor is becoming an ever-increasing political problem for the CIA as more information gets revealed. Congress was not informed about the program’s  existence when it was formed in 2004. The new CIA Director Leon Panetta (Obama’s appointee) cancelled the program this summer when […]

ObamaCare vs MackayCare

Health care reform is on the minds of everyone today (according to Gallup polls it is increasingly considered the most important issue) but there are mixed opinions on it. Ignoring Sarah Palin’s attention-seeking inflammatory hate-mongering (no version of the bill includes death panels for grandpa or evil directed at Down syndrome babies), there are only […]

District 9

Directed by South African Neill Blomkamp, District 9 is unlike any sci-fi alien movie you will have seen before. The storyline and portrayal of characters in tough situations is really done well, though of course there are moments of cheesy action and shoot outs. The film depicts life in slums, gangs, poverty, apartheid and corporate […]

Should Liberty be the Price of Safety in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia takes national security very seriously. In 2003, after Al-Qaeda affiliates launched three successful attacks on expatriate compounds and several failed ones on Saudi government facilities, the country cracked down very hard on militants, suspected militants, political activists, dissidents, supporters and basically anyone it wanted to. The Human Rights Watch recently issued a report […]