Willing to be an Ansar?

We argue if they should be called migrants or refugees; should we let them into our countries or is it enough to give money to resettle them elsewhere.  Perhaps it is time for Muslims to acknowledge that the thousands of Syrians who are fleeing for safer shores are muhajireen, driven from their homes, persecuted by […]

Traveling With a Celebrity

All celebrities are not divas, just like all divas are not celebrities. Traveling with either is always entertaining for us mere mortals. Let me recount a few recent incidents I experienced while traveling with a non-diva celebrity, a published author to be exact, and more importantly, a SINGLE male. Married women will admit to “nerd […]

MENA on Fire: the Bahraini Story

While the protests in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Libya and Iran are not a surprise, the ones in Bahrain definitely are. Not because the population is not unhappy, (the majority shia are extremely oppressed by the minority sunni ruling class), but because in this constitutional monarchy bordering Saudi Arabia, it is rare that they were […]

2011 Outlook

I’m a little late in my annual new years outlook blog post, but better late than never! As you might have noticed, 2011 promises to be full of turbulence, at least the first two quarters. Economies have not recovered enough and political turbulence is rampant. This past month is a sneak preview of what else […]

How Many is 20 Million?

Floods in Pakistan have killed more than 1500 people and displaced 20 million (that’s more than the Asia tsunami and Haiti combined). Cholera cases are being found and the next wave of deaths could conceivably come from disease rather than destruction. With daily monsoon rains that are not abating, and will continue for another month, […]