District 9

Directed by South African Neill Blomkamp, District 9 is unlike any sci-fi alien movie you will have seen before. The storyline and portrayal of characters in tough situations is really done well, though of course there are moments of cheesy action and shoot outs.

district9-posterThe film depicts life in slums, gangs, poverty, apartheid and corporate greed in very realistic terms. The situations portrayed through fiction have happened in the past and some continue to happen today; apartheid in South Africa, slums in Africa, South America and Asia, refugee camps in Sudan and Palestine, gang wars and arms dealers of Central America and Africa, and corporate villains like Blackwater (now called Xe and infamous for its atrocities in Iraq) all come to mind. It’s very much fiction but very much part of our current reality too.

Without giving the plot away or making it sound more dramatic than it is, this is a movie that you should definitely watch, with a thinking mind, even if you do not believe in aliens or like alien sci-fi movies.

The movie has received great reviews from critics and viewers alike. Although there were no compelling previews, the film’s viral marketing campaigns and supporting “fictional” artifacts created in real life (like the MNU website) are a wonderful example of using Web 2.0 methods.

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