Egypt in Pictures: Alexandria (16)

In support of the Egyptian people who achieved their calls for change, I will post photos of Egypt for each of their 18 days of protest, for viewers to see what their lovely country is really like. Photos are from a 5-6 week stay in Egypt in the summer of 2008.

Alexandria is a city on the Mediterranean coast for tourists and middle class Egyptians (the richer ones go to other resort towns!). Famous for its library (the new one is rather high tech), extremely busy (and littered!) beaches, picturesque Corniche, Roman ruins, the beautiful al-Mursi Mosque, citadel and palaces, the pace of the city is definitely slower than Cairo. You have no choice but to stop at cafés along the boardwalk to nibble on fatir (local stuffed “pizza” ), sip drinks and watch people go by. Transportation options include trains, microbuses, streetcars, taxis, buses and horse drawn buggies. The photo is of the Citadel seen from across the Corniche.


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