Egypt in Pictures: Sultan Mosque (15)

In support of the Egyptian people who achieved their calls for change, I will post photos of Egypt for each of their 18 days of protest, for viewers to see what their lovely country is really like. Photos are from a 5-6 week stay in Egypt in the summer of 2008.

In the city of a 1000 mosques, the Sultan Mosque is definitely one of the highlights. Built in the 14th century, its history is tragic (building accidents, assassinations etc) however the space itself is compelling. Entering through enormous doors you weave your way through winding passages to the core. Along the way you will come across old men sitting and chatting with their friends, and discover unexpected wind and light towers as you turn corners. When you finally arrive at the center, you are treated to an enormous courtyard with an ablution fountain in the middle, and four caverns (iwans) around it. Each of these were built for students from the four main sunni schools of thought. The hundreds of lanterns are old and chipped but the place has an amazing sense of calm as you find a corner for yourself in one of the iwans. There are graves and other prayers areas behind each of the caverns. The photo is of the courtyard.

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    Mashallah very beautiful picture.


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