Finally, a Check on the CIA!

The controversial CIA program for assassinating al-Qaeda leaders using Blackwater as a contractor is becoming an ever-increasing political problem for the CIA as more information gets revealed. Congress was not informed about the program’s  existence when it was formed in 2004. The new CIA Director Leon Panetta (Obama’s appointee) cancelled the program this summer when he found out about it and then informed Congress. The CIA claims that it was in the planning stages only; since then it seems that it was past the planning stages, though it was not successful in it’s seven years.

Congress has launched an investigation into the matter and most importantly the mood is changing on the Hill regarding illegal activity by the CIA. The Washington Post reports that the Obama administration is currently evaluating if they should release:

newly declassified portions of a 2004 CIA report that questions the legality and effectiveness of the agency’s harsh interrogations at secret prisons. Additionally, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. may order a probe of possible criminal actions by CIA officers and contractors during those interrogations.

It is about time the legislative and judicial branches of the government actually started acting based on their mandates rather than giving a carte blanche to the executive branch as they did for the past 8 years under Bush. The separation of the various government branches is to ensure checks and balances within the system; however the more we find out about the inner working of the past administration, the more we realize that the judicial & legislative branch were made irrelevant by the ever-expanding power of the executive branch.

America needs to re-establish the rule of law for itself, and not just expect it from other countries. People in glass houses should not throw stones!

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