Willing to be an Ansar?

We argue if they should be called migrants or refugees; should we let them into our countries or is it enough to give money to resettle them elsewhere.  Perhaps it is time for Muslims to acknowledge that the thousands of Syrians who are fleeing for safer shores are muhajireen, driven from their homes, persecuted by […]

An American Eid

Disclaimer: This might or might not be typical of functionally single American Muslims (those who do not have family, close relatives, spouses, kids around during Eid). Eid al Fitr is a 3 day holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting. The first day is especially significant and is marked by an […]

Marriage in Islam

Marriages in Islam are social contracts and have to be understood in two separate ways: the mechanics of the actual marriage contract  and the responsibilities/rights associated with the marriage. There are many cultural practices that are common however there are only a few that are religiously required (as per traditional interpretations- I won’t be dealing […]