The American Muslim Thanksgiving

In recognition of turkey day, I am re-posting this blog post from the last few years. ____________________________________________ Thanksgiving is that wonderful yearly holiday when American families bond over food and enjoy the typical dysfunction and drama that invariably happens when people related by blood come together. For immigrants, Thanksgiving is the day when everything is […]

The Language of Love and Hate

Not too long ago during one of my travels I was asked which languages I use to express anger, frustration and love. Being fluent in 2 languages and at an intermediate level in 2 others, it was an intriguing question. The bi-lingual questioner mentioned how she enjoys cursing and expressing anger much more in Punjabi […]


Our regularly scheduled transmissions of “life thru dusty lenses” are back after a brief hiatus for Hajj. I have been going through some of my earlier blogs and web-sites and archiving/removing/cleaning up. I might end up posting some stuff from my old recipe and art web-site.


It’s been raining in Riyadh for the past few days. Somehow I always miss it as it’s happening- I heard that there was a major rainfall that left the streets flooded a few days ago! I’ve even missed seeing the short drizzles as I was taking a nap. I am determined to take a picture […]


The general rumor is that women will be allowed to drive by the end of this year. It is unclear if it will actually happen however the story goes that the royals are in favor of it and have been working on the clerics for years- apparently they have just about worn down the protests […]