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An Inspired Story

Let me tell you a story and you tell me what comes to mind: A small armed rebel militia launches near-daily attacks against a State it considers to be a foreign invader. The State needs the natural resources from the land and uses technologically advanced predator drones to monitor the insurgents and protect its supply […]

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Remembering the Pearl Monument in Bahrain

My last post was at the beginning of the Bahraini protests. Much has transpired since then, namely the conversion of the protests from reform to demanding the removal of the rulers, and the subsequent suppression of the protests through the violent use of force. Saudi troops/tanks/humvees have rolled into Manama and “taken care of matters.” […]

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Saudi Arabia

Divorce in Saudi Arabia

The official divorce rate in KSA is stated to be more than 30% while other sources claim it is upwards of 50%. Despite the variation in reports, this is high by any standard, and especially so considering the conservativeness of society. Something is clearly not working in the society. Mandatory classes are being considered to […]

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