Traveling With a Celebrity

All celebrities are not divas, just like all divas are not celebrities. Traveling with either is always entertaining for us mere mortals. Let me recount a few recent incidents I experienced while traveling with a non-diva celebrity, a published author to be exact, and more importantly, a SINGLE male.

  • Married women will admit to “nerd crushes”. The “nerd” epithet is to convince everyone else that while they’re drooling about his brain, they’re actually quite happy with their own husbands.
  • Single women shyly come up to start conversations. They will rarely admit their crushes -it’s really kinda cute to see their enthusiasm.
  • Some women will admit to seeing him in their dreams and not knowing what to do when celebrity-crush-in-the-dream asks to do something not-quite-appropriate, like taking off his clothes…
  • Many people assume that celebrity-status also implies diva-attitudes. At that point, as the non-celebrity co-traveler, your attitude towards the celebrity will impact what others assume about them. You have the option of correcting the record or not Smile 
  • Bookstore owners get this big grin on their faces when they realize the person in front of them has published a book that is on their bookshelves. At that point you need to forget about leaving the store anytime soon.
  • Shahrukh Khan is a big name in Bollywood. Lots of women love the actor and being compared to him is a form of flattery “You look like Shahrukh Khan. Are you related? I lovveeeeee Shahrukh Khan” hint hint Mr Celebrity…
  • Women are more likely to join you at dinner tables than men. They’re really not interested in talking to you.
  • There are a lot of photographs. Learn to accept temporary blindness caused by camera flashes.
  • If a celebrity expresses interest in doing something/eating something/wanting something there is a high likelihood a fan will help procure it. It works out quite well if you go along for the ride.
  • Male fans want the celebrity to be impressed by them, female fans want the celebrity to notice them and “like” them. Which means that while male fans spend an awful lot of time talking about themselves, the women will preen and gush. For the outsider, observing the celebrity struggle to look interested during this human dynamic is a wonderful exercise in people-watching.
  • Fans wants advice from celebrities, some nugget to hold on to. Fortunately, the same not-so-customized words of wisdom satisfy most. It is actually an amazing and wonderful thing to see how a few words can bring joy to others, and all because of the mouth that utters them. It helps if the celebrity actually gives good advice.

All jokes aside, celebrities are also human. When no fans are around they sometimes let down their guard and you actually get a chance to see the person behind the public personality. And so, next time you get the chance to travel with a celebrity, you should definitely take it- assuming he’s not a diva of course…

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